Brooklyn Italian Marinara (4-pack)
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Includes 4-24oz jars.

When Whole Foods Market asked us to create a new pasta sauce to celebrate the opening of their Third and 3rd Brooklyn store, we said 'Sure!" But what do we folks from Jersey know about Brooklyn besides Coney Island? Then we started thinking. We do make one heck of an Italian Gravy, but how would we capture the true taste of Brooklyn's unique Italian heritage in a jar? So we hit the exciting streets of Brooklyn to find out, visiting family, friends and restaurants from all over the borough to sample their wonderful sauces. After much inspiration, we headed home and cooked pot after pot of this stuff, perfecting its flavor. And at last, we did it! What would we call it? "Brooklyn Italian Marinara" of course! A true marinara that uses 100% fresh vine-ripened tomatoes and nothing artificial. Slow cooked to perfection, small batch and made exclusively for Brooklyn---from Jersey with love!

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Brooklyn Italian Marinara (4-pack)

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